FAIDD (The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) promotes equality and participation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and others who need support with learning, understanding and communicating. It also develops services and promotes research in the field.

The main operating areas of FAIDD are

  • research
  • development
  • personnel training
  • production of materials
  • promoting plain-language information and culture
  • furthering accessible and participatory communication and use of information technology
  • providing and exchanging information and exercising social influence.

FAIDD is a social actor, a centre of knowledge and skills and a forum of cooperation. We engage in diverse cooperation with people with disabilities and their families and carers, professionals in the field, service providers, organisations, businesses and public authorities.

The actual members of FAIDD are joint municipal authorities, municipalities, congregations, registered voluntary organisations and foundations. The support members are private individuals. The members work in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities or act otherwise in the interest of the disabled.

FAIDD was founded in 1952. FAIDD is supported by Ministry of Social Affairs and Health with proceeds from Veikkaus.

The chair of FAIDD is Pekka Kettunen. The chair of the Central Council is Sakari Nuutinen. The executive director is Marianna Ohtonen.

Updated: 07-Oct-2013