Library rules

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Right of use

Any person over 15 years of age and residing in Finland has the right to use the FAIDD Library services and facilities, printed and electronic material both on the library premises and as loans, however within any possible limitations of use.

Collection and loaning service

The FAIDD Library has its own Internet-based free Kevali database.

The library loans its open stacks material to its customers both as local and distance service. The library maintains a customer registry. The information that is stored there is not passed on outside the system.

The Library has defined charges for its services and for the late return and displacement of material. The service charge list is publicly viewable on the library premises and on the library’s website.

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Rights and obligations of library customers

Upon registering as a library user the customer must provide proof of her/his identity. The following details are requested from the borrowers: address (e-mail and postal address either at home or in place of employment), profession/title, educational establishment (if student) and telephone number.

You can register as a self-service borrower at the FAIDD information desk. Download the Library customer registration form (pdf, 63 KB) which you can print out and fill in advance.

The customer is given a receipt of the loaned items and a User ID and PIN code for renewing loans and reserving material on the Internet. Self-service borrowers are sent the receipt and User ID by e-mail to the address they provide.

A customer who has in their possession material loaned from the collection must inform the FAIDD librarian about any changes in their contact information without delay.

The customer is personally liable for all the material she/he has loaned (loan times and damages to material).

The customer is obliged to return the loaned material to the FAIDD library by the issued due date. Late return charges can be paid upon visit to the library according to the service charge list viewable on the library’s website.

Loans can be renewed to the maximum renewal limit as confirmed, unless the loaned item has been reserved or there are other limitations to its use. When the renewal limit has been reached, the item must be returned to the library.

Items in loan with other customers can be reserved. The possibility to reserve and renew loans varies with the different material. Reserving material is free of charge. The borrower is notified of the arrival of the reserved material by e-mail. The borrower is obliged to cancel the reservation if she/he doesn’t need the material after all.

The library will remind the customer of overdue loans by e-mail (or by post if the customer has not provided an e-mail address). With the second reminder, the customer receives an invoice for the overdue loan.

A customer will lose her/his right to loan material if she/he has not returned material or paid an invoice for an overdue loan. The right will be restored once the customer returns the material and pays the late return charges. The charge list is viewable on the library premises and on the library’s website.

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If the customer does not return a loan despite the reminders, the invoice will be forwarded for further recovery procedures.

General regulations

  • Any disruptive behaviour is forbidden on the library premises.
  • The library is not responsible for any personal belongings that are left unattended in the library.
  • The library is not liable for any damages loaned recordings may cause to a customer’s equipment.
  • The customer is liable to compensate for any damages she/he may cause to the library equipment, property or premises.

Updated: 25-Jan-2010

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