Consultation and training

FAIDD offers consultation services and training through which service providers can develop their personnel and operations so they can better meet the wishes and needs of their clients.

A large part of our training services are suitable also for professionals in other fields than disability work. FAIDD has special expertise especially in the areas of quality, service design and coordination, easy-to-understand communication, mental health and ageing.

We have conducted our national and regional training events in cooperation with the FCG Finnish Consulting Group since 2005. We also organise conferences and seminars on timely topics.

Customised training services and consultations and coordinating quality development and other development projects are a central part of our operations. These can be combined with training and guidance connected with work and assessment methods. By combining the different options, our customers can create a training or development package suitable for their specific needs and increase the quality of their services.

The expertise of our trainers is based on both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Our goal is to produce training that naturally applies itself to the everyday work of professional communities.

Updated: 05-Aug-2010

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