Managing at home

FAIDD took part in a national project promoting the prolonged independent living of older and/or disabled people (Omin voimin kotona), which was concluded at the end of 2000.

The common denominator of all the nine projects were ageing people (65 +) living at home.

The subproject at FAIDD centred on support for the families of ageing people with disabilities in the city of Turku. The project examined the situation of the families, the support networks and their effectiveness, the ways in which the families experienced the services and the disabled family members’ thoughts of their own lives.

The families were assigned a support person who tried to develop the services they required and to seek out and organise channels for creating new services in cooperation with the families, the City Social Centre’s Disabled Services Office, different service units and third-sector service providers.

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Updated: 15-Mar-2012

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