Every child is unique and valuable just the way she or he is. FAIDD supports the right of all students to study in the same school as other children in the community, including their siblings. The local school principle, i.e. inclusive education, is reinforced by several international conventions.

Our teaching material center produces materials

FAIDD promotes lifelong learning by developing, designing, producing and publishing material for people with IDD and complex communication needs and their close ones as well as professionals in the field.

Training teaching staff

We organize ICT training, supported by the National Board of Education, for teaching staffs as well as training in easy-to-read language.

The Tikas ICT training model

All citizens have the right to learn basic ICT skills. In an information society more and more services and jobs require ICT skills, while there is a large number of students who need support in learning them.

Tikas is a pedagogical training model that enhances the learning of basic ICT skills among students with special needs. The objective of the model is to ensure opportunities for students who need special support to acquire the ICT skills they need in everyday life. The model aims to assist educational establishments and other organizations in organizing ICT teaching that takes into consideration student groups with special needs. Well designed and realized teaching can give students the skills they need to function as equal members of the information society.

In the training model the teaching and learning of ICT skills proceed according to the Tikas tuition plan. The training model offers teaching and supportive material suited for special needs groups. Teaching based on the model is easy and flexible: the students can proceed in their learning according to their individual goals and capabilities.